Commercial properties that house businesses and a large number of people working in the business areas are required to adhere to stringent safety rules and regulations to ensure that they provide safe conditions for their staff, clients and themselves. When it comes to commercial buildings, a large number of people can be directly impacted by electrical problems. Areas like offices, common lobby, stores, restaurants and hotels in commercial zones can be severely impacted by inconvenience in case of an electrical failure. However, if the root cause of an electrical failure is not recognized early, they can pose a severe fire threat for these commercial spaces.

Fire arising out of an electrical failure can injure people and incur severe property losses. To safeguard yourself, others and your commercial property, it is imperative to regard electrical failure seriously and train key personnel to identify warning signs of commercial electrical failures. Identifying these signs on time can help observers to seek immediate emergency assistance and evade the possibility of a fire outbreak. Here are the top warning signs of a commercial electrical failure.

Frequent flickering or dimming

Frequent dimming or flickering of lights is probably the first subtle indication that your commercial electrical system is being over pressured or there is a short in the wiring somewhere. Simple repairing can mostly solve the issue. But if you notice that the flickering continues, a professional team of electricians may need to investigate the complete electrical circuit.

Wall outlet discoloration

If you notice that there is a blackish or brownish discolouration around your wall outlet, immediately call a licensed electrician to examine the wires. Such discolouration can be an important indication that your electrical circuit is overheating. Neglecting this can result in a fire.

Tripped circuit breakers and blown fuses

Tripped circuit breakers indicate that your electrical circuit is not able to bear the electrical load that your commercial facility is putting on it. If this is occurring repeatedly, it needs to be repaired immediately. An overburdened circuit can be a potential cause of a fire and needs to be addressed to prevent serious problems.


Most commercial buildings today have simple different kinds of appliances like coolers, heaters, or even some kitchen appliances if the commercial property has a kitchen. If your appliances deliver a slight shock when touched, immediately unplug the appliance and discontinue use until an electrician conducts a thorough check and takes necessary measures.

To make sure that your commercial property stays electrically safe, here are some things you can follow:

  • Be careful when changing the spots of electrical devices like computers, monitors or televisions.
  • Do not allow unauthorized and unlicensed people to service your electrical appliances.
  • Maintain and monitor the health of cords and plug points. Check if there are any broken ends or tearing.
  • Use the correct electrical fittings and amperage for your bulbs, fuses, etc.
  • Be extremely careful when moving portable space heaters.

Using electricity properly can help you to prevent property loss by avoiding the possibility of an electrical fire. If you are looking for a certified electrician to provide services like electrical installation, repair or wiring for panels in your commercial property, contact K-Watt for professional and licensed electrical services.