While there are many jobs at your office that you can complete yourself, like painting the walls, cleaning your hardwood floors or installing a new coffee machine in the kitchen, doing electrical work isn’t one of them. If you think rewiring a simple connection is something someone with very little experience is capable of, here are nine reasons that say otherwise.

Electrical Shock

One of the biggest areas of concern when doing your own electrical work with very little experience is electric shock. It could be a small jolt that leaves your fingers stinging, or it could kill you in a matter of seconds, especially if you’re working with high voltages. The average lighting and power outlets in common commercial areas are around 110 volts which can give your body a wakeful jolt. However, the voltage levels emitted from appliances like an oven or computer can reach upwards of 240, which is deadly. Don’t bother risking your life and hire a certified electrical contractor to do your electrical repairs.

Fire Hazard

Doing a poor job when it comes to electrical wiring, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing in the first place, will leave your commercial building at risk of burning to the ground. With so many connections and electrical components to work with, it’s easy for someone who’s inexperienced to place a single wire in the wrong spot and create a spark that does unspeakable damage. This could be a dormant issue that doesn’t make its presence known for weeks or months, putting you and your employees at risk, as well as any buildings that are in close proximity to yours.

Inspections Problems

An essential aspect of electrical repairs that are often overlooked by inexperienced DIYers in the passing of an inspection that follows after performing a larger electrical job. Failure to have an inspection done not only leaves you in danger of what you’ve just done, but you can also be heavily fined. Thinking you can hide poorly done electrical work behind your walls without anyone finding out will leave you in a position you don’t want to be in.

GFI Implementation

Certain electrical components are necessary for keeping your employees safe when doing electrical work, one of them being the GFI, also referred to as the ground fault interrupter. This is a specific component, commonly a switch or outlet, that contains a built-in fault sensor the prevents electric shock in the event of an unstable connection. GFI’s are usually used in areas where moisture is an issue, like a bathroom. However, many inexperienced business owners don’t know about this component, and instead, install a standard outlet that could cause serious damage.

Other Hidden Electrical Dangers

There are bound to be some hidden away electrical connections throughout your office. Some of the lead to junction boxes, for example, which can create an electric shock hazard. Junction boxes are placed throughout the building with the purpose of being out of sight and out of mind, making them incredibly hard to locate unless you’re tearing down walls.

Lack of Experience and Tools

It’s essential that you use the right set of tools when doing electrical work. For example, in regards to your safety, you should be using insulated tools to protect against electrocution. If you don’t have them or have no idea what any of the proper tools are in general, then you shouldn’t attempt to do your own electrical work. As with many of these reasons, you’ll risk injuring yourself, damaging your building or incur expensive repair costs down the line. As well, if you have minimal experience, don’t take on more than you can handle. Again, it won’t end well for you or your building.

Poor Knowledge

Are your lights flickering or does your electrical panel keep shorting out? With some research, you might think that you’ve found the source of the problem and move forward in fixing it. However, that probably isn’t the case. If you don’t know much about electrical wiring and repairs, there could easily be a bigger problem at hand that you aren’t aware of. You could easily make the problem worse, or risk your well-being and your building. Leave the diagnosis to a certified commercial electrical contractor.

Building Code Violations

When preparing to perform major electrical work to your commercial space, you need to obtain the proper building permits. Without that permit, you’ll be putting yourself as well as your employees at risk in many ways. Violating building permits and codes can result in large fines and possibly even jail time. Not to mention the physical danger that’s introduced. Fixing electrical problems can end with a code violation, so it’s best not to gamble and hire an electrical contractor how will go through the proper channels.

Expensive Repairs

Doing your own electrical work can quickly become expensive if you have no idea what you’re doing. Whether it’s because you’re buying all new tools or you need to hire a professional to repair the job you tried to do, you’ll likely spend much more than what you initially would of by hiring someone upfront. Save yourself the headache and leave the commercial electrical repairs for a certified electrician.

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