Commercial Lighting Retrofitting

Lighting retrofitting is the practice of replacing components in a lighting system with similar pieces that use less energy than the original. The reduced energy consumption results in a drop in your electrical utility bill, generating operational cost savings. Over time, a well-implemented lighting retrofit will recover its initial cost and continue to produce more energy savings compared to its original system.

The benefits of a lighting retrofit are enormous, encompassing more than just a reduced utility bill. Environmental benefits include reduced electrical consumption, which results in decreased demand for nuclear power plants and coal-fired, natural gas. It results in the reduction of CO2 pollution and the conservation of precious natural resources. Furthermore, many newer lighting technologies often present longer-lasting devices with reduced amounts of hazardous materials when compared to older technology. It results in fewer ballasts and lamps sent to landfills.

Lighting retrofits can enhance the look of a lighted area, the level of comfort while in that space and the ability to adequately see and perform tasks there. Aesthetics are exceedingly an essential part of branding and colour perception. Poor quality light sources can drastically alter the appearance of merchandise or signage, and indeed impact a customer’s intuitive understanding of an organization. Depending on the needs and goals of an organization, there can be a number of advantages from a well-executed lighting retrofit.

As businesses and society as a whole continue to demand improvements in efficiency and sustainability, lighting retrofits have become a fixture in the toolkits of facility management and building science. Compared to many other building-system efficiency upgrades, lighting retrofits often offer the highest return on investment with a low upfront cost.

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