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Business Automation

Welcome to the world of tomorrow! With today’s fast technological advancements, offices are starting to become commonplace. Call us to help bring your business into the future.

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When it comes to operational costs, commercial lighting is one of the top expenditures incurred by organizations across the world.

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When you choose K-Watt Electrical Inc., you’re choosing a company that values energy efficiency and savings as much as any homeowner.

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Lighting retrofitting is the practice of replacing components in a lighting system with similar pieces that use less energy than the original.

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Electrical Repair

Nothing is more annoying than having your electricity go out or stop working in certain areas of your business. Whatever the case may be, we’ll get your system back to normal in no time.

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Surge Protection

With all the technology installed or being used in businesses, it’s important that you protect them at all costs. Without surge protection, a power outage or power spike can easily fry them to a crisp.

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Electrical Contractor

No matter what kind of electrical work you need done, be it rewiring your old system or if you are constructing a new building, you will need to hire a trusted, insured, certified and licensed local electrician.

In Floor Heating

Stepping on cold floors can be uncomfortable, especially when it’s the first thing you step on in the morning. If you are tired of walking on freezing tiles, upgrade your flooring to include heating today!

Lighting Installation

One of the best luxuries we provide is a professionally designed and installed lighting system to light up your commercial building. Contact K-Watt Electric today to get a quote.

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New Construction Electrical

It’s important to hire the right electrician when you build a business from the ground up. Otherwise, the new tenants will be stuck with a lot of problems they didn’t sign up for, especially with a brand new building.

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Electrical Heating

One of the main reasons electrical heating has become more popular in businesses is due to the fact that it’s much more flexible than its gas and oil counterparts.

Electrical Retrofitting

Has your utility bill slowly been rising over time, even though nothing has changed in regards to your usage? Let us know and we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.


Need electrical work completed at your business? Then contact us and we’ll get you in touch with one of our licensed and highly skilled electricians.

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Emergency Electrical

If you need a fully licensed and insured electrician on short notice, then all you need to do it give us a call and we’ll send a K-Watt team member over as soon as possible.

Lighting Electrician

One of the factors that can dramatically change the appearance of an office, particularly at night, is the way in which it’s lit up. Lighting type and placement are some of the best ways to serve its designated purpose.

Rewiring Service

K-Watt Electric Inc. has proudly served commercial clients in providing rewiring services for their businesses.

Standby Generators

A standby power generator may be the best purchase in your life if you fear spontaneously losing power, run a business or use significant medical equipment.

Water Heater Installation

Water heaters are supremely undervalued when it comes to what customers believe is the most important appliance in your office. Common answers include the refrigerator, dishwasher and the air conditioner, but where’s the love for water heaters?

Water Heater Replacement

Many people take hot water for granted, as it’s a luxury others don’t have. That is, until it turned into rusty water straight from the tap. If this happens, then it’s time to replace your water heater indefinitely.

Security Lighting

To protect your business from potential intruders and vandals, have a security lighting system professionally installed. It may save your property from becoming a victim of theft.

Solar Panels

The first solar panels in the 1970s weren’t particularly good at converting the sun’s energy into electricity. However, incredible progress has been made since then, and solar panels are now highly efficient power sources.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Almost half of the energy used in a business is due to heating and cooling the space. This makes it one of the biggest expenses business owners have to face every month.

Structured Cabling Services

The foundation of any modern information system is the cable infrastructure itself. This means that in order for businesses to keep up with their competition, they’ll need to invest in advancing their cabling systems.

Hot Tub and Sauna Electrical Services

If you find it difficult to make time for yourself and relax, then consider installing a sauna or hot tub. This is a great way to relieve stress and take care of yourself.