Commercial Lighting Control

When it comes to operational costs, commercial lighting is one of the top expenditures incurred by organizations across the world. Whether it is the lighting system used in an office or a system used for a manufacturing unit, research has revealed that unplanned electrical consumption can lead to excessive operating expenses for any organization. This, in turn, can severely affect your organization’s profitability and bottom-line results. For any organization, minimizing costs and maximizing profitability is the top business goal. At K-Watt, we enable our commercial clients to realize lower operating costs by reducing their electrical consumption through informed and well-planned lighting control and design. As a leading provider of commercial lighting services, we possess prolonged experience and proven capabilities in designing, installation, testing, maintenance and support of lighting control systems. Our client portfolio consists of many top blue-chip small and large enterprises from Canada who have benefitted from our lighting control systems. No matter how complex client requirements are, our certified field support engineers and experienced technical experts make sure that our clients experience the best services. With dedication towards customer service and a drive to be the best in the industry, we keep our clients’ lighting control systems in top shape through our specialties like:

  • Top designing and installation quality for lighting control system solutions
  • 24/7 repair and replacement services for a variety of lighting devices
  • System upgrades for lighting control
  • Automation capabilities
  • Proven troubleshooting and repair capabilities for hardware issues
  • Adequate and round-the-clock maintenance support
  • Support for clean-up of system components
  • Adept at designing and maintaining operating manuals
  • Setting up back-up systems for lighting control system programming
  • Resource training for your company’s system administrators to operate and manage lighting control systems

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